Astigmatism Contact Lenses

Do you have astigmatism, but want to wear contact lenses rather than glasses? Millions of people just like you make the switch from framed lenses to contacts. At Redding Eyecare Center, we have helped patients in the Redding, CA area with full optometry services.

Astigmatism contact lenses

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is more elongated than dome shaped. The cornea is what focuses the light into the eye.

The majority of people have some small amount of astigmatism. In more moderate cases, vision becomes fuzzy. The more severe the astigmatism is, the more unclear the vision.

The vision disturbances experienced by those with an astigmatism can be easily corrected through the use of prescription lenses. Years ago, the only option was eyeglasses. However, with the advances in contact lens technology, those people can now wear contact lenses like others with vision concerns.

What Contact Lenses are best for Astigmatism?

Which contact lenses you should use depends largely on what degree of astigmatism you are diagnosed with. Distinct kinds of lenses work better for unique needs and that is why there are so many options.

Low Degree of Astigmatism

For eyes with a low degree of astigmatism, prescription contacts can easily neutralize it. The choice is yours whether you use basic soft lenses or Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses. RGP lenses are commonly referred to as hard to fit lenses.

These hard lenses are made from firm durable plastic that allows oxygen to flow through it. They are often considered better for the health of your eye because they resist the formation of deposits and are less likely to harbor bacteria than soft lenses.

In addition, hard lenses are traditionally considered to perform better than soft lenses. However, soft lenses are often thought to be much more comfortable than hard lenses. The decision is something you should consider carefully and discuss with the helpful staff at our optometry care.

Moderate Degree of Astigmatism

With more moderate astigmatism, Toric contact lenses are likely the best option. These lenses keep the eye in proper position for correcting the effects of your particular astigmatism. This is essential to their effectiveness since blinking will cause the lens to rotate on the surface of your eye.

Severe Degree of Astigmatism

If the level of your astigmatism is severe, it may indicate another underlying condition like keratoconus. Keratoconus is when the cornea thins and bulges out in a cone-like shape. It causes the light rays to be drawn out of focus and the vision to distort and blur. Specially designed hard lenses can be used for cases such as this.

It is important to see our eye doctor by scheduling yearly routine exams. If you have astigmatism or you are experiencing vision loss, make sure to call our optometry care so that we can help you treat it as soon as possible. For more information about our contact lenses for astigmatism, call Redding Eyecare Center in Redding, CA at 530-222-1233.

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