Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Even if you don’t think it’s particularly sunny, light can still bounce off surfaces, including snow and water, to damage your eyes. This is why you should wear vision protection even in winter. It’s also why boaters have been fond of a type of eyewear known as polarized glasses. But anyone who participates in outdoor sports at any time of the year can benefit from polarized glasses, and you may find them helpful when you drive.

Glasses with polarized lenses are so helpful because when light reflects, it tends to do so in a single, powerful beam. Polarized glasses filter that intense light, which can reduce visibility. This is especially dangerous when driving or during some sports. Regular glasses do not filter out light in this way; although, they may still improve your sight.

Benefits of Polarized Lenses

Benefits of polarized glasses include:

Increased visual comfort

Reduced glare

  • Sharper and clearer images

Many polarized glasses also protect against the sun’s UV rays, but you should check to make sure that polarized glasses include this before purchasing. UV protection is as important for your eyes as it is your skin. If you would never leave the house without sunblock, you should wear glasses that offer similar protection.

Polarized lenses are available for both prescription and non-prescription glasses. They may also come with other features such as bifocals or progressive lenses. You may be able to purchase polarized glasses with scratch-resistant or anti-reflective coatings.

You can wear polarized glasses under your sunglasses or find sunglasses that are also polarized.

Despite their usefulness, polarized glasses are not always the correct solution. For instance, downhill skiers who rely on the reflection of light to detect obstacles may choose to wear a different type of glasses. This type of glasses may also make it difficult to see content on LCD or LED screens, which may be used in some vehicle dashboards as well as cell phones and other mobile devices.

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