Contact lenses have come a long way over the past two decades. Today, you can wear contacts regardless of your prescription and the health of your eyes. Bifocal contacts are very popular today. These lenses differ from conventional lenses because each lens contains two different prescriptions. Our optometry care, Redding Eyecare Center in Redding, CA, offer bifocal contact lenses to help people who suffer from refractive errors to the eye.

What Condition Does Bifocal Contacts Treat?

Bifocal lenses are commonly prescribed for patients with presbyopia. Presbyopia is a common condition in people over the age of 40. As you age, the lens of your eye becomes more rigid. This can make it difficult for you to see close-up. If you move a reading material away from your eyes, this can often help you see the letters more clearly. Bifocal contacts have a prescription to treat your refractive error and treat presbyopia.

What Contact Lens Materials Are Available For Patients Who Require Bifocal Contacts?

There are two types of bifocal contacts available, soft lenses and gas-permeable. Each type has its own benefits.

  • Soft contact lenses: Soft lenses are comfortable and they are easy to get used to. These lenses are soft and larger than gas-permeable, which makes them more difficult to apply and remove. These lenses need to be replaced at least once each month, making them the more expensive option.
  • Gas permeable: Gas permeable lenses are hard, which makes them easy to handle. They also last longer and provide sharper vision than soft contact lenses. Because gas-permeable lenses are rigid, they take longer to get used to than soft lenses do. Most people get used to gas-permeable lenses within a few days to a few weeks.

Is It Difficult To Get Used To Bifocal Contacts?

It can take a while to get used to bifocal contacts. If you already wear bifocal eyeglasses, you should have no problem getting used to wearing bifocal contacts. If not, it should take just a few days for your eyes to adapt to wearing a lens with two prescriptions.

How Many Visits Does It Take To Fit Bifocal Contacts?

To wear contacts, you will need a contact lens exam. Because bifocal contacts are designed to correct a more complicated refractive error, it may take two or more visits to get the prescription correct. Our optometrist will take the necessary measurements of your eye and determine your prescription. You will be given a pair of trial lenses to wear for a week or two. If the prescription isn’t quite right, you will need to see our optometrist again to make the necessary adjustments. We won’t order your permanent gas-permeable lens or your supply of contact lenses until your prescription is just right.

If you have presbyopia, Redding Eyecare Center in Redding, CA can fit you with a pair of comfortable bifocal contact lenses. Our optometrist can prescribe a pair of lenses that allow you to see from all distances. So call our optometry care today at (530) 222-1233 to schedule an appointment.