All About Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses can be worn to temporarily change the appearance of a person’s eyes. Most people think of colored contact lenses as cosmetic only (known as Plano colored contacts), but you can get colored lenses that fit your prescription as well.

Prescription colored lenses can correct vision due to myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. However, colored lenses may not be appropriate for other eye conditions. You can discuss if colored contacts are a good choice for you during your appointment at Redding Eyecare Center in Redding, CA.

Colored Lenses Enhance Your Eyes

Colored contact lenses can do everything from realistically changing the appearance of your irises to completely covering your eyes. The former are often worn for costumes during Halloween and other events. There’s actually quite a range of color intensity.

  • Contacts with visibility tint are designed to make seeing them better for insertion and removal. The tint is usually blue or green.
  • Contacts with enhanced tint make your eye color appear more vibrant. These contacts are frequently worn on lighter eyes.
  • Opaque tint completely changed the color of your eye. This is the type of colored lens you’ll need if you have dark eyes. Costume lenses fall into this category.
  • Sport tint contacts help to reduce glare, increase visual contrast, and improve your depth perception.
  • Lenses that have a photochromic tint can adjust to various lighting conditions but will not change the appearance of your eyes.

Choose the Right Contact

When choosing a color, many people consider their skin tone and hair color just like you might when choosing the right makeup product. However, some people simply choose a color because it matches their costume theme or because they like it.

There are even custom tints available if you’re willing to pay the price. Not only do these change the appearance of your eyes, but they can help you to see better. However, color alone is not the biggest factor when it comes to choosing contact lenses.

One of the optometric services your doctor provides is measuring your eye to ensure a properly-fitted contact lens. However, you might notice that the contact shifts as you blink or that transparent contact lenses reveal when your pupil has dilated or shrunk due to lighting conditions. Occasionally, this might have an effect on your vision.

Still, you can safely use colored contact lenses as long as they’re prescribed, fit well, and you take care of the lenses properly. Wearing colored contacts for longer than intended might lead to discomfort, just like can happen with traditional contacts.

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