Comprehensive Eye Care From Your Redding Optometrist

Premium Eye Care at Redding Eyecare Center in Redding, CA

If you already wear glasses or contacts, it is still important to get the regular eye and vision exams. For many people, vision changes over time. General eye care exams are also important for making sure your eyes are healthy. During your eye exam, you’ll be screened for conditions that can affect your vision. Regular eye exams at our Redding Eyecare Center in Redding, CA can help you find cataracts, astigmatism, and other conditions that can affect your eyesight.

Contact Lens Exams & Fittings

Ready to get rid of the glasses? We’ll fit you with comfortable contact lenses that will allow you to see clearly and comfortably. Worried about cost? We work with various vision insurance plans, and often, employers allow your contributions to your flexible spending account to be used to contact lens fittings.

Prescription Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement or your prescription has changed, we’ll set you up with prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses that will have you seeing clearly. After your vision exam, your eye doctor will give you your eyeglass prescription. Then, you’ll shop through our selection of frames and a technician will measure you to ensure that your glasses fit properly.

Surgical Co-Management

Getting eye surgery? Your surgeon will likely want you to do pre- and post-operative care at your eye doctor’s office. We’ll work with your surgeon to ensure that you are prepped for your procedure, and we’ll take great care of you afterward. We’ll maintain regular contact with your surgeon to make sure we have all your bases covered.

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Your vision is important, and your eyes deserve premium care. Our eye doctor at Redding Eyecare Center in Redding, CA will take great care of your eyes. Give us a call at (530) 222-1233 to set up an appointment.

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