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Contact Lens Exams Provided by a Redding, CA Optometrist

Contact lenses are an effective way to correct poor vision. They alleviate the need for glasses, and for many, make them feel much less self-conscious. At Redding Eyecare Center, serving Redding, CA, and the surrounding area, we offer contact lenses exams to pair you with the correct size and prescription of contacts.

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Benefits of Contacts

Contact lenses correct a variety of vision problems including myopia and astigmatism. They help people see without the need to wear glasses that are sometimes uncomfortable. Additionally, they allow people to showcase their eyes without anything blocking them. They’re less pricey to replace if you should lose or break them as well.

Getting the Right Prescription

The first step of a contact lens exam consists of our optometrist asking you to look through special lenses. You must read the letters you can see. Then, based on your results, we pair you with the correct prescription. During this portion of the exam, we can also check your eyes for astigmatism –- a condition where your eye isn’t shaped properly, so light doesn’t reflect on your retina correctly.

Checking Your Eyes

Not everyone has healthy eyes. Sometimes, you may have a problem with them that prevents you from wearing contacts comfortably. Additionally, eye problems can make wearing contacts a less effective method for vision correction than glasses.

Selecting the Right Type of Contacts

Based on the results of your vision and eye health screening, we can determine the best type of contacts for you. For instance, if you have an issue with your cornea, scleral lenses may be the best solution for you. These contact lenses won’t rub your cornea like a standard pair of contacts would. On the other hand, if you have a bad enough astigmatism, you won’t see optimal results with a regular pair of contacts. Therefore, we may need to give you a prescription for contact lenses specially made for astigmatism. 

Fitting You for Contacts

The final portion of your contact lens exam is comprised of our optometrist sizing you for your contacts. We ask you to look into a special machine that detects the dimension of both of your eyes. That way, you can receive a prescription for contacts that fit your eyes and won’t slide or feel uncomfortable. Likewise, they’ll enhance your vision optimally.

First-time Contact Wearers

For first-time contact wearers, we’ll show you how to insert your contacts. In addition, a member of our team will educate you on the proper way to take care of your contacts. This prevents infection and ensures the comfort and lifespan of your contacts.

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  • "I'm from out of town; stopped by this office to have glasses adjusted. Beth assisted me with this. As I waited, I checked out their large selection of eyeglasses trying on pretty much everything they had in Fendi, Gucci, Caviar etc. I had gone for an eye exam last June but did not get prescription filled as I was not comfortable with the diagnosis or the service provided by LensCrafters. Beth gave me exceptional customer service! Because of this, her experience and professionalism I went ahead and had another eye exam, bought new eyeglasses and I'm very pleased and happy with the diagnosis and my new eyewear. Thank you to Dr Michael Young, Beth and the rest of his staff. Everyone extremely friendly and helpful. Great experience!!!"
    Anel R. San Diego,CA

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