Dry Eye Syndrome

Contact lenses are worn by millions of people in the world. One of the most common conditions that affect them, is dry eye syndrome, or dry eyes. This can cause pain and discomfort, which can make it uncomfortable to wear contacts. If your contact lenses have become uncomfortable, or you have noticed dryness in your eyes, you should see your local doctor at Redding Eye Care Center to assess the cause and treat it.

Male eye with contact lens close up

Causes of Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Syndrome is when your eyes are unable to produce tears properly to keep your eyes moist and comfortable. It can be caused by a few different factors like:

  • Exposure to air conditioning or heat
  • Multiple hours spent at a computer screen
  • Different medications like birth control pills or blood pressure medication
  • Contact lenses that don’t fit right
  • Damage to your tear glands
  • Allergies
  • Wearing contacts for long periods of time

Having dry eyes can not only cause pain and discomfort, but also burning, stinging, redness, and blurry vision. To treat it, you will first need to figure out the cause. An eye doctor can help determine the cause of your dry eyes so it can be treated properly. Treatment can include changing your contacts, solution, and in some severe cases having surgery to fix the drain system so your eye stays moist.

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Even though you may be suffering from dry eyes, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear contacts. There are some lenses that are made that may help with dry eyes like those that are soft or made with silicone. Soft lenses are made from materials that are made to hold water and allows oxygen to pass through the lenses so that the eyes can breathe. Lenses that are made with silicone hydrogels allow more oxygen to pass through it and require less moisture. Your eye doctor at Redding Eye Care can help you with finding the right lens for you.

When looking at lenses, also look into the wetness level of the contacts. The higher wetness level, the worse it will be for your dry eyes. You should also consider how often you replace your lenses. Many people have reported that contact lenses are more comfortable when they are replaced often. For some, replacing contacts daily are the best option. The problem may also be the contact solution you are using to clean your lenses. Some solutions may contain preservatives that can irritate the eye or are incompatible with the lenses and may cause a reaction.

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