Many people wear disposable contacts to help correct vision problems. As the name suggests, disposable contact lenses must be discarded every day. Our optometrist is able to prescribe you comfortable disposable contact lenses at Redding Eyecare in Redding, CA.

Daily Disposable Vs Daily Wear Contacts

It is important that you do not confuse daily disposables and daily wear contacts. While both are disposable contact lenses, they are different. Daily wear lenses are intended to be worn during the day and removed at night before going to sleep. Daily wear can be used again until the schedule time to replace them. Daily disposables needs to be removed at the end of day and discarding them afterwards.

Benefits of Having Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposables are affordable than one might think and it will depend on your lifestyle if these contacts are best for you. If you usually do not have time to take care of the contacts, then these disposable contact lenses are best for you because they do not require daily maintenance like regular contacts. You simply need to open a new pair of contacts every morning and then toss them in the evening. It is that easy.

Daily contacts mean your lenses are always fresh, which is the best for eye health. Reusing contacts can make your eyes feel uncomfortable. Longer-wear contact lenses can build up proteins and other substances over time, which make them less comfortable and may contribute to infections as well.

See Our Redding Optometrist for Optometric Services

Not everyone’s vision issues are appropriate for daily disposable contacts. For example, daily disposable contacts aren’t available in all prescriptions, which means you may have to purchase weekly or monthly lenses instead. Nevertheless, you might be surprised how many features are offered with disposable contacts. Once you have an eye and vision exam with our eye doctor, he will be able to tell you whether daily disposables are appropriate for your eye needs.

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If you’re unsure which contacts are the right fit for you, our eye doctor can answer any questions that you may have about disposable contact lenses as well as perform other optometric services. Redding Eyecare Center in Redding, CA is happy to help patients with all their eye care needs. Call (530) 222-1233 today to schedule an eye and vision appointment.