Double Vision Causes and Treatments

Double Vision Causes and Treatments in Redding, CA

You might notice that double vision tends to happen naturally right when you open your eyes in the morning as they adjust to the changing light. If your vision does not return to normal soon after, or you experience double vision at various points throughout your day, you should acquire care from an optometrist in Tehama and Trinity, CA.

Your eye doctor will help you find the cause of your double vision and suggest key treatment options for you to consider.

Causes of Double Vision

Causes of double vision range from dry eyes to an aneurysm, so it is important to receive a full workup by an optometrist in Redding CA.

During the exam, your eye doctor in Tehama and Trinity, CA will watch for signs of:

  • Corneal irregularities
  • Dry eyes
  • Stroke
  • Head injuries
  • Aneurysm
  • Cataracts
  • Nerve problems

In addition, past refractive surgery procedures, such as LASIK, can cause double vision due to the cornea adjustments performed with the laser. You will need to provide a full medical history to help your optometrist in Shasta County pinpoint the cause of your vision abnormalities.

Treatment Options

Upon determining a diagnosis, our eye doctor will help you understand your available treatment options. You will likely need to have the underlying condition treated to fully restore your normal ability to see clearly. If the double vision cannot be corrected with targeted treatments, our Siskiyou optometrist can help you adjust to the symptoms with eye patches or prism glasses.

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