Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to eyeglasses. Contacts give you a more natural appearance than contacts do. Also, you won’t have dirty lenses or an eyeglass frame obstructing your view. Finally, they are more convenient if you are an athlete, if you work out, or if you live an active lifestyle.

Many people can wear traditional soft contacts; however, some people are considered hard to fit for contacts. Certain conditions make wearing traditional contacts impossible; therefore, our optometrist at Redding Eyecare Center would prescribe a special lens.

Gas-Permeable Lenses

Gas-permeable lenses are effective if you are hard to fit for contacts. These lenses provide sharper vision than soft lenses, which is why they are used for people who aren’t considered hard to fit. If you are prone to eye infections or are suffering from giant papillary conjunctivitis, these lenses are recommended. These lenses breathe better than soft lenses, which can help prevent infection.

If you have a condition that causes a misshapen cornea such as keratoconus, gas-permeable lenses are rigid and can hold the cornea in its natural round shape.

Piggyback Lenses

If you need gas-permeable lenses to hold the shape of your eye, but you cannot get used to them, piggyback lenses can help. A soft lens would be worn under the gas-permeable lens to create a cushion, making the lenses more comfortable.

Scleral Contacts

Scleral contacts are a custom-made lens. Traditional contacts sit right on your corona to help you see better. Scleral lenses are different. These lenses sit on the white of your eye, and they vault over your cornea.

If you have an irregularly shaped cornea and gas-permeable lenses aren’t working well for you, scleral lenses are an option because they don’t sit right on the cornea. They also work great if you have dry eye. Since these lenses don’t sit right on your cornea, they won’t absorb what little moisture your eyes produce. Finally, they are often prescribed for people who have had a corneal transplant.

Toric Lenses

A normal cornea has just one curve. If yours has two curves, it means that you have astigmatism. Conventional contacts won’t work for astigmatism, and a toric lens would be prescribed. Toric lenses are custom made and are designed to treat this refractive error.

Ortho-K Lenses

If you aren’t a good candidate for Lasik, Ortho-K lenses are a great alternative. You would put the lenses in before going to bed. While you sleep, the lenses will change the shape of your cornea, which corrects your refractive error. When you wake up in the morning, you will be able to see perfectly without your glasses. You would need to wear the lenses every night to preserve your perfect vision.

Just because your eyes are hard to fit for contact lenses, our optometrist can still fit you with contacts. Our eye doctor in Redding, CA, will examine your eyes and determine the best contact for your condition. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.