Aimed as a solution for those who have received LASIK surgery, but still found their vision is not up to par, iZon lenses have crossed over into the mainstream. Thanks to the latest in eye care technology, we can now see better than ever. iZon is the only eyewear that is officially fitted to your eyes only. At the Redding Eyecare Center, we cater to these amazing custom fit lenses.

How iZon Lenses Work

Even at our best, our eyes are not perfect. Everyone’s eyes have these microscopic non- regularities optometrist refers to as aberrations. These little imperfections in our eyes even with corrective lenses or corrective surgery can still lead to light being warped that goes through the cornea and to the retina. Which can affect your vision, depth perception, color contrast perception, night vision and your ability to see things in a sharp clean style. During your special iZon exam, your information is collected, creating your very own iPrint, kind of like a fingerprint except it’s your iPrint. and no two iPrint’s are the same. With this special iPrint, it is utilized to create your personalize lenses correcting every little eye hindering detail resulting in the most custom fit lenses ever.

The Results

The results are the sharpest, clearest vision eyeglasses can deliver. Reports from the FDA have approved too, that those with iZon lenses see more crisply, more clearly, more vividly than they have ever in their lives. Testing iZon eyeglass on those who suffer from night blindness confirmed it. They were able to react more rapidly, stopping 20 feet sooner to seeing an unexpected pedestrian amongst glaring conditions on the road than those wearing standard lenses. That is because these lenses correct those little aberrations in the eye, again resulting in a clearer, sharper vision given by a pair of glasses. Designed to deliver high-resolution vision where ever you go. Whatever light setting you are in light or dark.

See Hi-Definition at Redding Eye Care Center

Want to optimize your vision? Then let your leading optometry center in Redding, CA, answer all your questions. At Redding Eye Care Center, you will discover quality and caring service for your eyes, furnished with the highest quality spectacle frame selection offering you vision with style. Call or come by to schedule your appointment with our very own eye doctor, Dr. Young to see if iZon lenses are right for you. You can call us at (530) 222-1233 to schedule an appointment today!