Get Progressive Lenses from Your Redding Optometrist Dr. Michael Young

Between the ages of 40 and 50, just about everyone gradually loses the ability to readjust from far to near. This inevitable condition is called presbyopia. When people begin to develop presbyopia, they notice that reading the fine print takes more effort than it used to. They need more light and may need to view the text from farther away than normal. Eventually, it’s clear that some kind of vision correction is needed to read small print and to do close work. One approach is to buy lots and lots of pairs of reading glasses and stash them everywhere you possibly need them. You could buy reading glasses for your desk and reading glasses for your purse or briefcase and reading glasses for the kitchen and reading glasses for the bathroom. People who do this learn that no matter how many pairs of reading glasses you buy, you always need one more. Or you can see your Redding, CA optometrist Dr. Michael Young at Redding Eyecare Center for a simpler solution. (Hint: It’s not bifocals.)

Why Dr. Young Recommends Progressive Lenses

There was a time that if you needed vision correction for presbyopia plus some other refractive error like nearsightedness, or even if you just needed vision correction for presbyopia, bifocals were your only option. Bifocals are glasses with lenses that are ground to provide one focal point for the top half of your field of vision and a closer focal point for the bottom half of your field of vision. There is a distinct line between the two strengths of vision correction. Images seem to jump as you look up or down, or near and then far away. You have to look down to see close objects and to read small print. When you use bifocals, you are placing additional stress and strain on your neck muscles that give you neck aches and headaches. You don’t vary your focus as much so you don’t blink as much and your eyes get dry.

There’s a better way to deal with presbyopia. Get no-line progressive lenses. These lenses offer a gradual transition in corrective angle to help you see near and far without a break in your field of vision. They eliminate the fuzzy vision you have for objects at arm’s length with bifocals. And they make you look younger. Plus, you only need one pair! You no longer have to stow away reading glasses everywhere you go.

Don’t Rely On Reading Glasses and Bifocals

Get modern, progressive lenses for reading and close work today. Dr. Michael Young is ready to prescribe your progressive lenses and to take care of all your other eye care needs. Make your appointment with Redding Eyecare Center today by calling us at (530) 222-1233!