Redding Eyecare Center Radio Clips

One of the top ways new clients find out about our Redding, CA optometry clinic is through our commercials while listening to their favorite radio show. We love connecting with new clients throughout Redding, Tehema and Trinity, Siskyou, Shasta County and the surrounding communities.

Your Redding Optometrist is On the Radio

If you live in Redding, CA or the surrounding areas and are looking to connect with a premier optometrist for all your vision needs, Redding optometrist Redding Eyecare Center is here for you and your family. You might have heard about us during your favorite radio show.

Dr. Michael Young and the entire staff at Redding Eyecare Center are dedicated to providing high-level customers service along with the very latest in optometry techniques and technologies to ensure you have an amazing experience and optimized vision and eye health.

Connect with Premier Redding Optometry Services in Shasta County, Siskyou, Tehema and Trinity

To convey our mission and let area residents know about our premier services, we have found advertising on radio shows to be highly effective. We’ve done a number of radio spots over the years that highlight our services and eyecare clinic features. Customers can learn much about our Shasta county, Tehema, and Trinity, Siskyou and Redding optometry clinic while listening to their favorite radio show, including the following:

Respect and Efficiency – At Redding Eyecare Center, we know that you are busy and take steps to respect your time. We do not double-book appointments and spend as much as twice the time with you during your appointment as our competitors.

Comprehensive Exam – Our eye exams last much longer than the typical eye exam. We take our time and assess your vision and eye health in a number of key areas.

Advanced Technologies – We also use a range of state-of-the-art optometry tools and technologies at our eyecare clinic, including:

  • Digital retinal camera to detect eye diseases
  • Thorough glaucoma screening
  • Ability to detect macular degeneration years before it manifests
  • Laser refractor, which gives more accurate vision prescriptions for glasses
  • Custom glasses and contact solutions
  • Eye pressure testing without the annoying eye puff of air

New Contact Lens Wearer Program – We also offer a try before you buy contact lens program for free to help customers new to contact lenses find out if they are right for you. Call ahead of time to let us know you would like to take advantage of this opportunity. We offer contact lenses for a range of vision needs, including astigmatism, bifocal contacts, and lenses for hard to fit eyes

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If you haven’t yet heard our commercials while listening to your favorite radio show, feel free to listen to our radio spots below. They contain a wealth of information, insights, and highlights about your Redding optometrist. We look forward to serving you!

Radio Ads for Redding Eyecare Center

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Redding Eye Care Center 7-24-12 #2

Redding Eye Care Center 10-29-12

Redding Eye Care Center Feb 2013

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