Retinal Detachment Treatment

Retinal Detachment in Redding, CA

A tear between the retina and the tissue just underneath its structure can cause a permanent loss of vision if not promptly treated. The detachment process may happen quickly or slowly, so as soon as symptoms arise, immediate care from an optometrist is needed.


Retinal detachment tends to happen without any warning and with seemingly random occurrence rates. There is a slight increase in the risk of retinal detachment for those who are extremely nearsighted or suffered an eye injury in the past. Cataract surgery and a family history of this condition also slightly increase the risk of developing a partial or complete retinal tear.


Common symptoms that signal the development of retinal detachment include:

  • Flashing lights
  • Poor peripheral vision
  • Dramatic increase in floaters

Retinal tears do not cause any pain, but the symptoms can feel a bit disorienting.

If you notice these symptoms, you should contact your optometrist to schedule an urgent appointment. Both full and partial retinal detachment causes the same symptoms, so it is important to get care while it is still quite easy to fix.


Eye doctors near Tehama and Trinity, CA will assess the degree of retinal detachment to identify the best treatment plan for your condition. Partial detachment can be reversed if caught early.

Eye doctors will choose between these four procedures to fix both partial and full retinal detachment.

  • Thermal
  • Cryopexy
  • Pneumatic Retinopexy
  • Scleral Buckle

You will need to work with your optometrist to find the right course of treatment for your condition.

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