What Are Intraocular Lenses? Answers from our Optometrist in Shasta County

When a person receives intraocular lens implants, this means an artificial lens is placed in the eye so that the eye has a better ability to focus. Most times, this type of lens implant is conducted during cataract surgery, in which the natural lens is replaced. In some cases, when an intraocular lens has been implanted and it has the wrong focusing power, it will have to be removed and replaced; this does not happen often. Once an intraocular lens has been implanted, there is no need to replace it every few years as it will last longer than anyone can live. Our trusted and experienced optometrist in the Trinity and Tehema areas can help you decide whether intraocular lenses are a good treatment option for your cataracts.

Types of Intraocular Lenses?

When undergoing cataract surgery for vision repair, you will be informed of different intraocular lens options. Most times, your doctor will already have an idea of which lens will be the best fit for you and your vision needs. Basically, there are four different types of intraocular lenses:

  • Monofocal: this is the standard option; it has one focusing distance
  • Multifocal: this lens helps you achieve optimal vision at all distances, meaning it has more than one focusing distance
  • Accommodating: this lens accommodates the implant and helps to improve vision while focusing at different distances
  • Toric: if you have astigmatism, you will likely need this type of implant

How to Choose the Best Intraocular Lenses?

Generally, cataracts are diagnosed through a variety of tests, including a refraction test, visual field testing and a look at your vision history. When you visit our optometrist in Shasta County, there is no need to fret about having to pick for yourself the type of intraocular lenses you need. Instead, a qualified optometrist can assess your vision needs and help you decide which lenses will best improve your vision.

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