Sports Vision Testing

Sports Vision Testing in Redding, CA

When it comes to sports, it’s imperative to be able to see well in order to do well, which is why trained athletes understand the importance vision plays in their performance. If you play sports of any kind you should consider getting sports vision testing in Redding, CA.

Sports Vision in Shasta County

While it’s certainly important to see clearly, if you’re an athlete, you need to have a variety of skills in order to perform well. Whether you’re into golfing or bowling, or you play a team sport such as soccer or basketball, you need to do more with your eyes than simply keep your eye on the ball.

Here at Redding Eyecare Center in Shasta County, we offer different kinds of sports vision testing, such as the following:

  • Snellen Eye Chart – measures vision acuity
  • Contrast Sensitivity Tests –  measures how well you distinguish between light versus dark
  • Eye Tracking Devices – measures how well your eyes track moving objects
  • Ocular Alignment Tests – measures the alignment of your eyes and how well they work together
  • Ocular Alignment Tests – measures which eye is the more dominant of the two

Sports vision testing also includes measuring how well you can see in three dimensions, which helps to determine your depth perception. Our optometrist can also assess your visual processing speed and hand-eye coordination.

Benefits of Sports Vision Testing

Besides Siskiyou County and Shasta County, our optometrist also serves Tehama and Trinity counties. Once we know the results of sports vision testing, we can recommend sports vision training that can help to improve your sports performance.

Other benefits sports testing offers includes improved eye-hand coordination and eye-tracking ability, which are skills that are necessary when participating in most types of sports.

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