Tri-Focal Lenses

You know the concept behind bi focal eyeglass lenses if you’ve worn them. You’re given two separate vision zones in a single lens, to address both your nearsightedness and your farsightedness. In other words, you get one lens split into two “screens” for the corrective treatment of both of your vision shortcomings.

An advancement over that vision technology is tri focal lenses. With these you get three separate vision compartments in a single lens, not just two. Ask your eye doctor at Redding Eyecare Center in CA about the advantages of tri lenses, and you just might see life in a whole new light.

First, the basics.

Three Power Zones

People who need glasses at a young age frequently have myopia, or nearsightedness. That means they have difficulty seeing objects that are at a distance.

A different vision loss challenge comes from presbyopia, or farsightedness. This is experienced by most people once they hit the age of 40 or so. Therefore, people who start life with nearsightedness and then become farsighted in the middle years now have the need to switch from one pair of corrective eyeglasses to another, countless times a day. Or they begin to wear bi focals, which are an improvement in that they can wear just a single pair of glasses to address all of their vision problems.

But even that solution has its limitations, which can be handled by yet a third zone of vision power. Tri focals improve near and farsighted sight, but they add a third power zone in the same lens, this one to improve the wearer’s intermediate range vision.

That’s right. Tri focal lenses deliver that third power zone for even more vision responsiveness than bi focals. They look better, too. Here’s why.

Cosmetically Pleasing Tri Focals

You know that traditional bi focal look, the lens with the horizontal crack in the middle? The kind of glasses you remember your grandparents wearing?

Today’s tri focal lenses aren’t like that. They’re often called “no-lines lenses” because there are no distracting segmentation lines. It’s all one piece of glass, without segmentation. That makes the lens — and the wearer — look more contemporary. At the same time, the sight lines are cleaner, without the distraction of the crack always in your line of vision.

So now there’s one type of lens that might correct all of your vision problems and make you look younger and more stylish in the process.

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